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I ABSOLUTELY loved this game. It was adorable with a bit of a twist, great game DEV.

I will be playing this live 11/25 around 4:30-5 PM EST =D



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This game has good spooky music.

I wonder why the room was closed from the inside.

in English.

in Japanese.

look so cuteeee but a very scary game

that bunny is my new bff 

2 words. Creepy B u n n y

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Loved the game. Short and sweet. Oddly the room was comfy. Thank you for convincing me to not have a bunny that moves around like that and demands more than it should be. Keep making more games pal!

So my first play I threw everything absolutely everywhere and lost an item I needed, so I learned not to do that. The game is cute and enjoyable, gave an ominous feeling as you continue aiding the bunny. Loved the subtle shifts as the story darkens and the ending. Thanks for creating :)

Very good! Very enexpected ending.

Pretty cute! I wish there was a little more to the twist, but good overall. Art and music is *on point*


J aime beaucoup ! 

Mignon et creepy a la fois

The art was adorable and the story quite nice if simple, my only problem is that I got stuck walking through the door quite a few times. 

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Played your game for a short indie horror games video. Thanks for making it! 4th in the video if you're interested

it was short but it was fun to play I liked it allot also the artstyle is so cute but the only hing that happened to me was I kept getting hooked on things but that's prob just me and my dumb fingers lolol

Short but fun game, thank you for making it. I won't be trusting any bunnies ever again though.

I love this game! Great style, super creepy, and funny. Had a blast playing it.

I really love this game! It's short but it's cute and creepy. Here's a gameplay I recorded for this.

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la primera ves q vi el juego pensaba q iva a ser una historia bonita entre  una niña y su jugete de conejo pero XD el juego era de terror pero buen juego

This was so cute and creepy, I loved it!

Cute but very creepy!

I love bunny!

Did you guys use a game engine to make this? if so what game engine was it?

heyoo! Thanks for the question! <3

We made the game in unity 3D

Models were done in Maya and code was written using C#


cute rabbit

Honestly a really unique and fun experience! The design and graphics are really cool! One note though, I was walking by the table and went behind it in the kitchen area and got stuck and had to restart the game. That was the only bug I encountered :)

This was a fun game, also very cute. 

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this is a fun game but it is too short

Very cute game. I'd offer myself to the Bunny too!

Its a cool game

this is a very relaxing game :))))))))))

this game was pretty creepy I thought it was just a cute innocent bunny but it turned out to be much worse love your game keep up the great work!!

that was so creepy oh my god like when i bring the salt.. the face and the colour changed...

i am so scared ;-;

both cute and creepy, really good game! :) 

A curious, brief and interesting game.

I like the Game!

Very cute indeed..
I hope you could adjust the sensitivity of the camera movement, I find it a bit hard to move but it was exciting to find the things the bunny asked for!

loved it, especially at night! it makes it even fun!!! ^w^

This game was so cute and scary it got me excited

This game was SO good. Having your stuffed animal as your only friend gives so much nostalgia. 

my stuffed animal was my only friend and I just really wanted him to like me 

Imaginary Friends | Room Before The Dark

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